Review of Factor Products for Hemophilia

  Introduction Hemophilia A is a factor VIII [factor 8] deficiency and hemophilia B is a factor IX [factor 9] deficiency that both result in lifelong bleeding disorders. Plasma-derived Factor Concentrates and Recombinant Factor Concentrates are the two main types of clotting factor concentrates available. Products are classified by properties such as purity and half-life. […]

The Use of Phenylephrine for Management of Priapism

Download the PDF Introduction The American Urological Association (AUA) defines priapism as a persistent penile erection lasting at least four hours related or non-related to sexual stimulation.  Priapism is a medical emergency that is rare, unpredictable and can occur in all age groups especially in patients with sickle cell disease. A sympathomimetic medication such as […]

Pharmacologic Management of Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Adults

Introduction Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) constitutes the most frequent oncologic emergency. It is developed by lysis of tumor cells, during or within 7 days of chemotherapy. The output of large amounts of potassium, phosphate, and nucleic acid, can result in characteristic electrolyte disturbances and cause the characteristic life-threatening arrhythmias (from electrolyte imbalances) and AKI (from […]

Hypercalcemia of Malignancy

Introduction Hypercalcemia of Malignancy (HCM) is an oncologic emergency typically seen in patients with advanced stage cancers HCM is more common in patients with tumors that are associated with bone metastases (breast, lung, multiple myeloma, renal cell carcinoma and colorectal cancer) Hypercalcemia is defined as a corrected calcium level > 10.5 mg/dL Symptoms occur slowly […]